Parent Superintendent Forums

The parent forum has been a great way for Superintendent Tom Boasberg to communicate directly with parents from across the district. The purpose of the forums is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for open dialogue with the parent community;
  • Share key district initiatives with parents;
  • Provide information and tools to help parents support their child’s success both at school and at home; and
  • Give parents the tools to disseminate information learned at the Forums with their principal, CSC, and parent leadership groups, such as: ELA PACs, PTOs, PTAs and Title 1 Compacts.

The Parent Forums are held at easily accessible locations in the Denver Metro area.  Translation, childcare, and meals are provided to all participants at no cost.  Additionally, we provide transportation to those parents who might not be able to attend otherwise.

To accommodate our working parents’ schedule, we offer two identical sessions for each parent to choose from:  a morning session from 9:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. and an evening session from 6:15 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.  If you need transportation to get to the Parent Forum, please contact the Office of Family and Community Engagement at 720-423-3054 with a 48-hour notice. While we ask our parents to attend as many as they can, we recognize that not every parent will be able to attend every Parent Forum. See DPS website at link below for future dates of Parent Forums: 2017-18: Superintendent Parent Forums / ELA DAC

Parent representatives are selected by their school leaders at the beginning of the school year. We ask that every school designate at least four parent/guardian representatives to consistently participate in the Parent Forums throughout the year. Parent Forum members must commit to attend at least 4 Forums throughout the school year. These parents can consist of parents that serve on the Collaborative School Committee (CSC), ELA Parent Advisory Council (ELA PAC), Title 1 Compact, or other parent volunteer or parent leadership groups.

For each parent forum, we send out information to parents via email and mail. But, we need the support of school staff (parent liaisons, parent ambassadors, parent volunteers etc.) to help remind parent representatives to attend. Additionally, we create flyers that schools can use to remind their parent representatives.

Parents can register online via, via an email link and by calling our office 720-423-2275

For each Parent Forum, our staff tracks parent attendance. We ask parent representatives to attend at least 4 Superintendent Parent Forums, but parents who attend all parent forums for the school year will receive recognition at the May 12, 2015 parent forum.

Parent representatives who attend the parent forum are responsible for taking the information that they learned at the Parent Forum and sharing it with their school and parent community.We provide parents with this information via our Superintendent Parent Forum website.  All materials, including the powerpoint presentation can be accessed on our website at:  Additionally, a Parent Forum summary will be sent out to all participants that summarizes the event.  

We also provide support and workshops for parent representatives who might be interested in learning more about a topic that was presented.


Parent/Family Liaisons or Ambassadors are important to the success of the Superintendent Parent Forum. The object of the forum is to increase parent understanding of key district initiatives and have an opportunity to speak with the Superintendent. What you can do to ensure the success of the forum is:

  • — Send out communications and reminders to your parent representatives or new members about dates/times of the forum
  • — Register parents for the Superintendent Parent Forum
  • — Support parent representatives post-forum with next steps by helping parent representatives identify parent leadership group contacts, school equipment (powerpoint projector, copy machine etc.) they can use to conduct presentations at their school, arrange a meeting with the Assistant Principal or Principal.

Jesse A. Martinez
Family Leadership Development Project Coordinator
Office of Family & Community Engagement
Denver Public Schools| 4250 Shoshone Street  |  Denver, Co 80211
c: 720.205.2864